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We do a LOT of social media! Most of our clients aren’t big fans of posting on social media themselves, but they know that having a social media presence will help their business grow. So we do it for them!

Sample Projects

Try it out with one of the sample projects below



Please spend 1-2 hours on this project

Sites / Programs Used:



Sample Client Profile #1

Sample Client Profile #2


1. Choose one of the sample clients above and get to know them by reviewing their profile and their website. Pay attention to their voice, the ideal client that they are trying to reach, and their area of expertise.

2. You are going to write 2 social media posts for the client, letting people know about what they do. This will be a promotional post to attract new clients to work with them, but we don’t want it to feel promotional. Ideally, we want to focus on a problem that the potential client may be experiencing and offer a bit of value in the content that intrigues them to learn more.

3. For the content of these posts, you’ll write two different posts and then create an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter version for each of the posts following the instructions below. 

4. The LinkedIn and Facebook versions of the posts can be the same. They should each be 1-2 paragraphs.

5. The Instagram version of the post can be the Facebook / LinkedIn version with additions. At the end of the post content, add three dots and then 5-10 hashtags. Example:


6. The hashtags that you choose should reflect the sample client, their industry, and the topic covered in the post. We want to use hashtags that are commonly used and their audience would search for when they are trying to find something like what the post is talking about, but not too commonly used that it gets lost in the sea. For example, #businesshelp might be more effective than just #help since #help could be more widely used and apply to many different topics.

7. For the Twitter post, please shorten the content and add 2-5 hashtags. The content needs to be less than 280 characters including the hashtags, but should still maintain value and make sense without the additional content. 

8. After you have completed 2 posts with the different variations for each outlet, please select an image for each post. You can find an image that fits well at Crop the image to be square.

At the end of the project you will have:

  • Two social media posts, each with 4 different versions optimized for the particular social media outlet where they will be posted
  • Two images, one to go with each set of posts