Intentional Business

Helping people work and live more intentionally.

MOCA works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop and maintain a work life that has life in it.

Slow down.
Accomplish tasks w
ith a clear direction and an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. Create scalable systems for every piece of your business that highlight your strengths and set you up for growth. Choose to have a purposeful business that works for you and balances with the rest of your life. Let’s create an intentional business.


We chase our vision in a thoughtful way, seeking a balanced lifestyle alongside successful business. We aim to move away from stress, urgency, and endless work hours and move towards passion, purpose, and self-care.

Our form of intentional business is represented by these core values:

Building a solid foundation

We believe in the importance of taking the time to know yourself and your business so that you are able to work from your strengths, have clarity on what you want to accomplish, and take heart-centered steps to get there.

Making Thoughtful Decisions

We encourage thoughtful, strategic decisions in your business development that align with your foundation and work towards your goals. We caution against shiny objects and big promises, and always vote for strategy over urgency.

DOING Relationship-Based work

We are passionate about relationship-based work, kind words, great communication, and a dedication to learning through listening. Being thoughtful of others is a win in life and a win in business, especially in team efforts.

MOCA Business Services

Choosing to create an intentional business is a journey. It takes practice.
We aim to offer support, strategy and resources to help you make this decision every day.

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