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New York, NY | EST


Sabrina is a Holistic Health Coach who works primarily with women. She uses language around body, mind, soul, energy and journey. She believes that we have the power to heal if we have right guidance and the right resources.


Business Name: Sabrina Star

Title: Holistic Health Coach

Website: found here

Business Description: Holistic Health Coaching that helps women in their health journey. I work with women through Holistic Health Consults, Customized Programs and Bodywork sessions to get at the root causes of their health issues, setting up a new path for the body, mind and spirit to move forward with an empowered and energized passion for life.


Primary Font: Montserrat

Header Font: Lora

Logo: light version and dark version

Main Headshot: found here 

Voice: Spiritual, connected, sage advice, holistic, a touch of whimsical 

Ideal Client: Women ages 20-40 who are facing health concerns, feeling out of balance, seeking a reset in their health journey. I offer customized solutions that get at the actual problem and prescribe a holistic path towards recovery.