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Peter Mathews

Portland, OR | PST


Peter wants to know how he can take care of a person as a whole, not just your business. He’s working on building a community where badass business people can connect and benefit from each other’s strengths. He prioritizes relationships and action steps to make things happen.


Business Name: Peter Mathews Coaching

Title: Business Mindset Coach

Website: found here

Business Description: Business mindset coaching for badass business owners and business owners in the making to help them clear up the mental blocks, take more action, and ultimately experience more freedom in their businesses and lives. Mindset coaching is a blend of strategic planning, practical exercises, and laser-focused playful curiosity.


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Voice: Playful, deep, connected, authentic, curious, knowledgeable but approachable

Ideal Client: Women and men ages 25-40, business owners/business owners in the making who have challenges around uncertainty, overwhelm, fear of failure, fear of rejection, perfectionism, overthinking, and self-criticism. I offer relief from these through clarity, practice, and belief shifts so that clients can move into greater freedom (emotionally, socially, business, financial).