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Blog Post

MOCA writes blog posts for clients regularly. Typically blog posts are posted on the client’s website and sent out as newsletters. Sometimes they are posted as LinkedIn articles and repurposes into social media content.

A blog post should sound like the client and ideally, offer value by reflecting their expertise.

Sample Projects

Try it out with one of the sample projects below



Please spend 1-2 hours on this project

Sites / Programs Used:



Sample Client Profile #1

Sample Client Profile #2


1. Choose one of the sample clients above and get to know them by reviewing their profile and their website. Pay attention to their voice, the ideal client that they are trying to reach, and their area of expertise.

2. Come up with a title for your blog post. We want something that grabs the attention of the reason and makes them want to read more, but also feels authentic and not too much like click-bait. Questions as a title have a high rate of success, or offering “3 Tips for…”

3. Write a 500 – 700 word blog post for the sample client. The content should offer value to the reason in an easily digestible format.