Elle works as a strategist on the MOCA team and loves that she gets to work with spreadsheets and google docs all day! Her puzzle solving brain makes her a perfect fit for our team and makes her uniquely qualified to see how all of the little pieces fit into the larger picture of MOCA. Elle has an undergrad degree in Drama from Kingston University and a post-grad degree in Exercise for Health from St. George’s University of London. She currently lives in NYC where she also works as an actor, however, her number one job is being a dog mom to her dog, Luna! Luna is an honorary MOCA team member and the apple of Elle’s eye.

When Elle isn’t working, acting, or spending time with Luna (as if that isn’t enough) she can be found baking amazing treats, climbing mountains or running marathons! Elle’s boundless energy and open heart are true gifts to the MOCA team. A fun fact about Elle: her goal is to visit every continent and spend her next mile-maker birthday in Antartica!