Our business services are designed to help entrepreneurs take control of their business and take back their life. With our help, you can remember what you love about your business. You can get back to your passion. You should be working at the heart of your business. Let us do the rest. 

Imagine slowing down. 

Accomplish tasks with a clear direction and an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. 

Have scalable systems in place for every piece of your business that highlight your strengths and set you up for growth.  

Choose to have a purposeful business that works for you and balances with the rest of your life.  

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

This is what we call intentional entrepreneurship.

Our clients chase their vision in a thoughtful way, seeking a balanced lifestyle alongside their successful business. They aim to move away from stress, urgency, and endless work hours and move towards passion, purpose, and self-care.

To support this new form of entrepreneurship, we aim to model it ourselves.


Instead, we help clients create systems and organization so that nothing has to be urgent. Our project turnaround time is 2-4 business days at a minimum because we want to produce quality work.


Most work is done through email, and check-in calls are scheduled out ahead of time. Our structure creates flexibility and balance for our team and our clients so that we can both focus on what we do best.

How We Work

The growth of our team has opened up a lot of possibilities for the business. We have more capacity, a larger range of expertise than ever before, and an internal team structure that ensures that the tasks we take on are always handled with care. Our minimum 2-4 day turnaround time means multiple sets of eyes on your project. Here’s how it works:


When we bring you on as a client, you are assigned to a connector. Our connectors are our project managers that serve as your main point of communication and the experts on everything YOU. When you submit a task to us, the connector looks over similar projects we have done in the past to make sure we are optimizing your results and then sets up a project in our backend project management system.  


Then the project is handed off to the creator on the team whose skills are best suited for the job. Our creators have each developed their own area of expertise depending on their interests. The creator is provided with detailed information about you and your ideal client so that the work they produce can align with your business.


Once the creator is done with the project, it goes through our editors to check for errors. Then it returns to your connector who evaluates the work based on what they know about your voice and your overall business goals. Adjustments may be made, and then the project is sent back to you to review.

Becoming a Client

Becoming a client means that you have a team of experts on your side. 

First, let's chat


Schedule a free initial consultation so we can get to know each other. Then, if we decide it’s a good fit, here’s how we will move forward: 

ONboarding meeting



If we decide to work together, our first step will be an Onboarding meeting. This is a one-hour meeting where we discuss you and your business. Together, we will identify and prioritize projects, talk about weak areas that need a strategy, and outline steps towards meeting your goals.

Business Services Package

$30 / hour 


After our Onboarding meeting, you can start sending projects our way! Our business services are $30 / hour. Most clients are billed monthly for a recurring package size that they have determined is a good fit for their needs. However, there is no commitment to how many hours you purchase on an ongoing basis. You can buy 20 one month, 5 the next, pause the next month to take a vacation, and then buy 20 the following month. Buy what you need!

Purchased hours expire 60 days after the invoice is sent. If you have a busy month and don’t get around to using your hours, you have another 30 days to use them. It should be noted that we hardly ever have client hours expire. We are great at communication and great at brainstorming, so we will be reminding you about your hours and we are always ready with suggestions to help you get your hours used.


$250 as needed


We also offer Strategy Sessions, as needed. A strategy session produces a customized plan based on your budget, your strengths, and your client’s needs. This is a one-on-one, hour-long meeting designed to answer a question and provide clear direction.

Learn more about our Strategy Sessions here

Let’s chat.

We hope to be your advocate and your support. If you think we might be a good fit, you can schedule a time to chat and get to know each other.