WHat happens


MOCA is built so that you can go on vacation, and our team can too. We’re set up with systems of internal support so that we can continue to support you even if your point person changes. Here’s how it works. We want to share a little more about our internal team structure and client systems to show you how we support you when your Connector is away. Even when your point of communication is different, we’re still here to make sure you’re taken care of.


We are parents, travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts with very cool hobbies.  As we shaped our business, we built our internal team structure with layers of support and collaboration so that we have access to the same flexibility and balance we are creating for our clients. 

Introducing the Connector Circle. Your Connector is actually one person in a system of Connectors. Each of the Connectors are trained on each other’s clients so that they can support one another when needed. This means if your Connector is sick or goes on a vacation, you’re still covered. You don’t know them, but they know you.


Your Connector is the expert in YOU – your preferences, your goals, your project details. But they don’t just keep it all stored in their head! Your Connector integrates your client particulars into our workflow systems so that other people on the team are able to step in when needed.

Some of our internal systems that support you behind-the-scenes include a client profile with all of your particulars, an extensive guide and recorded system for each project or workflow that we’ve worked on together, and team trainings (including great personal videos) all about you! 

If you’re starting a new project and the timing permits, we might wait until your Connector gets back to get it rolling so that they’re involved from the ground floor. But you’ll have a support team making sure that your regular projects will continue running while they are away!

Meet your support team!

While Amena is away, you’ll have a team of support. We’ll assign one main point of contact and the others will be working in the background to make sure everything goes smoothly.



Katelyn lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband, their precocious toddler son, and two extremely snuggly cats. She’s spent her entire working career in the customer service industry in some shape or form, and helping others is something that she greatly enjoys. 

Meet Katelyn



Mallory currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Isaac. She graduated college with a double major in International Communications and Spanish and began working in the realm of customer relations – which is perfect since she loves people! 

Meet Mallory



MOCA Supporters provide an additional layer of support. Supporters work internally to train and guide the MOCA team. Naomi specializes in training and systems. She has been with MOCA since nearly the beginning and meets with the team regularly to ensure our client and team systems are running smoothly.

Meet Naomi



Jess is highly invested in the success of MOCA clients. She meets with each Connector regularly to discuss projects and strategy for each client, providing big picture guidance. She’s consistently providing background support in project direction, communication, and relationship building. She will be providing extra support while your Connector is away.

Need Help?

We want to make sure that you feel taken care of. If you have concerns or you want to talk through this process, please schedule a call with Jess.