Naomi works at MOCA as a supporter and our systems expert. She has an amazing knack for teaching and training our team in new systems and keeping us all organized and efficient in our work. After playing volleyball for the College of Idaho and majoring in Business and Recreation, she married her high school sweetheart Breck. Together they have worked and traveled all over the world including Greenland, New Zealand, and their home province of Manitoba before settling in the beautiful Revelstoke, BC.

Naomi inspires all of us with her work life balance and her contagious passion for snowboarding and Canadian winters. Before, after, and in between work you can find her snowboarding and splitboarding in the winter months or paddle boarding and mountain biking in the summer. Naomi has a unique ability to be completely organized and prepared at work and utterly spontaneous in her personal life! Fun fact about Naomi: She went to college with our founder Jess, who was actually the one who taught her how to snowboard!

What is a MOCA Supporter?
A MOCA Supporter works in the background, supporting the team, the clients, and MOCA’s systems. Each Supporter has their own area of focus defined by their strengths.

When will I be working with Naomi?
Naomi is highly integrated into the day-to-day of MOCA, but is typically working behind-the-scenes in systems and operations. When Jess is away, Naomi steps in to fill the gap. You might hear from Naomi: 

  • When Jess is off on an adventure 
  • When we’re setting you up with a new system 
  • Or when we’re troubleshooting a particularly tricky project