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About Me

Meet Sabrina Star

Helping others be their healthiest version of themselves is what I’ve done as a holistic health coach and bodyworker for over 20 years. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had to learn my own lessons about what it means to transform your health—on all levels—and continue to do so.

I’ve decided that I can’t settle for anything less than self-love and care. To get the health of our dreams—the kind that lets us be our biggest, boldest self—we must address the whole, not just one part.


Feeling fantastic in your body isn’t one of them.

But sometimes it’s hard to remember what it’s like to feel good because that part of you feels very “once upon a time in a land far, far away…”

Energy is something that you sip in your coffee nowadays and you don’t even know what to eat anymore, thanks to every new fad.

Extra weight and inflammation has made its way like a rude house guest–no thanks to the world-with the champion snacking you do every time you have a difficult feeling.

The worst of it all is the negative self-talk. (You wouldn’t give a plant poison and hope it grows!)

What I Offer

Customized Programs

Programs focus on YOUR needs. Programs can include components of a Kitchen Upgrade, a 5 Day Reset, Healthy Gut Protocol, or a Healthy Living Upgrade.

Holistic Health Consults

Over the phone or in person, one-on-one consult with Jessica. Just one session helps open doors to all kinds of possibilities with your health.

Bodywork Sessions

Massage and bodywork sessions guarantee that you will be feeling way better than you did before you came to me. Bodywork sessions are known to stop physical symptoms such as headaches and digestive issues.

Begin with a consultation

Not sure where to start? Or what service is right for you? Schedule a free, 15 minute call with Serena to talk about how you can work together.