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this as a partnership

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and partnership. We aren’t here to just offer a service. We hope to build lasting relationships with our clients and grow with them. We’re in this together.

MOCA is a value-driven company that believes in kind communication and work-life balance. We work hard to be intentional and show up at our best each day. For this partnership to work, we need you to do the same. Below are some guidelines we’ve laid out for a successful working relationship. If you have any questions, please ask – we’re friendly 🙂


We try our best to be mind-readers. But even so, communication is fundamental to a successful working relationship. We believe in open and kind communication. When you take an intentional approach to communication, we get the opportunity to understand you better, which gives us the tools to produce projects that are exactly what you’re looking for.

Kind communication

We will always be kind in our communication, and we expect the same from you. Sometimes frustrating things happen – we get it. But effective communication will allow us to handle the situation and build strength and trust in our relationship.

Mindful Feedback

We value your feedback. And not in a “we have to say that” kind of way. Mindful feedback of a project or aspects of our working relationship builds trust and transparency. We consider it essential for delivering projects that you’ll love. 


We’re helping our clients create businesses that have room for life. We want to help you escape stress and overwhelm. We want you to take that vacation. We’re also working hard to create that space for ourselves. We’ve built our business in a way that allows room for flexibility. Here are the guidelines that make that possible:


Our day-to-day communication happens through email. We typically answer emails within 1-2 business days and don’t reply on weekends.


All of our calls are scheduled ahead of time through our calendar system. We aren’t able to hop on a last minute call, and our availability may fluctuate.


We never text from personal cell phones. If you’d like to send a text or you want us to text you, you can use our google voice number: ‪(208) 297-5492‬


We love when you have a new idea for a project! We’ll always discuss the project scope and create an estimate before we begin. We do anything urgent.

Have questions?

Reach out to your Connector and schedule a call, we would be happy to chat! We want to make sure this partnership works for both of us. Remember, communication is important!