Ah, organization!

What is a weekly update?

A weekly update is a document that tells you everything about your projects! Your connector will update your weekly update to show what we’re working on, what is ready for you to review, and estimated completion dates of projects that are in progress. Think of it as a weekly snapshot of our work together. It’s a weekly “check-in” to make sure we’re all on the same page. 

What do the project categories mean?

The project categories organize your update into specific sections. Categories may be customized client to client, but our standard categories are:

For Review
Projects that are completed and ready for your stamp of approval.

Current Projects
One time projects that our team is working on at the moment.

Recurring projects or series of projects that are associated with a particular task. 

What’s Coming Up
Project ideas, upcoming events that we might help with, or past workflows that have been put on pause.

When is the document updated?

The weekly update document will be updated about once a week, typically on Wednesdays, but will not necessarily be updated ongoing throughout the week. Your connector will notify you when your document is updated and ready for review. 

Can i edit this document?

This document is View Only and cannot be edited by anyone except your connector. The goal is consistency, organization, and clear communication. If you have any updates that you’d like to be made to your weekly update, please reach out to your connector!