MEET Bethany


Bethany works at MOCA as a Supporter, with a focus on project management and client onboarding. Bethany’s journey (which included owning her own bakery) initially brought her to MOCA as a Connector. As MOCA grew and Bethany’s family grew, she stepped into the Supporter role where could use her natural strength: making sure that everyone is taken care of.

Bethany lives in Michigan with her husband and four kids. When she’s not at MOCA, you can find her paddle boarding, baking, painting, and planning children’s birthday parties. We love Bethany for working in the background, making sure that everyone has everything that they need.  

What is a MOCA Supporter?
A MOCA Supporter works in the background, supporting the team, the clients, and MOCA’s systems. Each Supporter has their own area of focus defined by their strengths.

When will I be working with Bethany?
As a client, you might hear from Bethany:

  • When Jess is traveling. Bethany will often help manage incoming emails during this time. 
  • When you’re a potential or new client. Bethany helps support clients as they transition into MOCA and get set up with their Connector.