What’s changing?

We know that switching Connectors isn’t always easy. We are a relationship-based company and we’ve intentionally set up the Connector role as that “relationship” piece. The relationship we build with a client is important to us. We would love to keep all of our team members in place forever, but life happens, and we’ve made sure that we’re prepared to handle the transition.

MOCA is always building space for life to “happen.” With our clients and in our own business, we work to create systems that can balance with life and can manage change without crisis. We want to share a little more about our internal team structure and client systems to show you how we support your transition from one Connector to another. Even when your point of communication is different, the support you are receiving will always stay the same.

MOCA Connectors

Your Connector is the person who connects you to the rest of the MOCA team. As our business grew, our team grew. We developed new roles that allowed us to define our systems, specialize in our offerings, and grow our expertise, but we still felt that it was important to have a single point of contact and a personal connection for our clients. 

The role of the Connector is to be the expert in YOU, but overall, MOCA as a whole is your partner in business development. There’s a lot more behind the curtain than what you see. Everything that your Connector knows about you is built into a system that ensures that you’re always taken care of. 


We are parents, travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts with very cool hobbies.  As we shaped our business, we built our internal team structure with layers of support and collaboration so that we have access to the same flexibility and balance we are creating for our clients. 

Introducing The Connector Circle. Your Connector is actually one person in a system of Connectors. Each of the Connectors are trained on each other’s clients so that they can support one another when needed. This means if your Connector is sick, goes on a vacation, or has a life change and steps away from MOCA, you’re still covered. You don’t know them, but they know all about you and your projects.


And there’s more! Your Connector is the expert in YOU. Your preferences, your goals, your project details – they know it all. But they don’t just keep it all stored in their head! Everything that your Connector knows about you is documented and built into our systems so that anyone on the team can pick it up and run with it. 

Some of our internal systems that support you behind-the-scenes include a client profile with all of your particulars, an extensive guide and recorded system for each project or workflow that we’ve worked on together, and team trainings (including great personal videos) all about you! Your quirky preferences, my friend, will live on in the MOCA systems forever, even if your Connector steps away.


On top of that, MOCA Supporters provide an additional layer of support. MOCA Supporters work internally to train and guide the MOCA team. In order to do that effectively, they also know the ins and outs of each MOCA client, giving you a third safety net in any transition. There are three supporters who work in the day-to-day of client operations:

Jess is highly invested in the success of MOCA clients. She meets with each Connector regularly to discuss projects and strategy for each client, providing big picture guidance. She’s consistently providing background support in project direction, communication, and relationship building.

Naomi specializes in training and systems. She has been with MOCA since nearly the beginning and meets with the team regularly to ensure our client and team systems are running smoothly.

Bethany has the unique role of managing client transitions. We knew that this process could feel difficult for clients, and wanted to put a dedicated person in place to make sure transitions could be as smooth as possible. Bethany helps new Connectors adjust to their clients and makes sure nothing gets dropped in the process.

Have concerns?

Here are some of the worries we’ve heard before, along with our super reassuring answers!
I'm worried about someone new learning my voice.

It’s important to remember that existing projects and workflows with MOCA will still be handled by the same team. Your Connector was your point of communication, but internally the projects and workflows are completed by a team of Creators who have specific skills in writing, graphic creation, etc. The same internal team who already knows your voice and your work will be writing your blog post or creating your monthly social media as they did before.

However, one of the Connector’s superpowers is checking over the work that the team produces before it’s sent back to you to double-check that it hit the mark on your voice. They are the final experts on you. But we’ve set it up so that your new Connector can pick right up where they left off. They’ve already been working with your past Connector and shadowing your work. They have documented client-specific lists and systems to refer to. And they’re working closely with our Supporter team to fill in any gaps on the personal relationship side – because they know you really well.

My Connector did a great job with my projects.

That’s great! We’re glad you were happy with the projects that were completed while you were working with your previous Connector. But don’t forget that your Connector isn’t the one who actually does the projects, they manage them.

Your projects are a whole-team effort. The Connector is collaborating with internal MOCA roles to bring your projects to life – particularly with the MOCA Creators who are the people actually writing, designing, and ultimately creating the fnial product. The Creators have specific skills in writing, graphic creation, etc. and will be writing your blog post or creating your monthly social media as they did before, even if your Connector steps away from MOCA. 

My Connector really understood me. I'm worried someone else won't be able to.

We’re so happy that you felt understood by your Connector. That’s what we strive for! When we hire for the Connector role, we seek out individuals who shine in relationship-building and communication. We train our Connectors to listen, ask great questions, and show up as a collaborative partner with their clients and with the MOCA team.

In short, any Connector that you are paired with in MOCA is trained on understanding YOU – that’s their role.

Our documented systems give them a huge head start. We write down everything, because we know it’s important. If you take vacations often, hate the word “pivot,” or admire Beyonce, we have that documented. This relationship is important to MOCA, especially to your new Connector, because that’s the role they were brought on to fill. We have high hopes that any Connector on the MOCA team will make you feel understood and supported, because that’s what they do best. 

What if I don't click with my new Connector?

Sometimes it happens. If you and your Connector have personality differences or aren’t clicking well for some other reason, schedule a call with Jess to talk it through. First we will explore if it’s a communication issue. We are all doing our best to work in a virtual world, and miscommunications happen. Sometimes talking through issues and brainstorming together can smooth things out. If it turns out that it’s just not a good fit, we can talk about transitioning you to a different Connector on the MOCA team. 

Need Help?

We want to make sure that you feel taken care of. If you have concerns or you want to talk through this process, please schedule a call with Jess.