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This is not a sales page. We’re not trying to sell you on this program. For us, the MOCA VA Training Program is about meeting a need we see for competent and reliable Virtual Assistants by equipping the right people for the right work. No marketing tricks, just transparent information so you can decide if this program is right for you.

So, is it right for you?

While there are a lot of perks to entrepreneurship, it can be hard work. We want to set you and your future clients up for success by ensuring we are training students who embody the characteristics we believe make up a happy and successful entrepreneur.

Here are 3 signs this program is for you:

1. You’re Attentive
As an entrepreneur, being attentive to your boundaries and your clients’ needs is crucial. Because you create your own systems and manage all client communication, you must be organized, detail oriented and self-aware.

2. You’re Resourceful
Entrepreneurship doesn’t come with a complete manual. You will be expected to figure things out as you go, learn continuously and problem solve along the way.

3. You’re Relationship-Based
The growth of your business will be determined by your ability to communicate well and generate connections with your clients. The better you know and understand your clients, the more effectively you can hold their big vision and help make decisions on their behalf.


The MOCA VA Training Program was created to help our students step into entrepreneurship in a practical, balanced way. Our goal is not only to help you build a business, but to help you create the lifestyle you want.

So, what do you want? Are you hoping to work from home so you can be more present with your kids? Does remote work help you prioritize travel and adventure? Is your dream to scale a VA business into your own amazing team of rockstars?

We want to thoughtfully set you up for success – whatever that looks like for you. The first step in doing so, is to help you lay a solid foundation. Over 8 weeks we will help you clarify what you want, why you want it, and how you can get there.


    Let’s get right down to it. What’s in it for you? During this 8 Week Training Program, you will have access to:


    Guided Videos and Trainings


    Customizable Best Practice Templates and Workflows


    Live Group Q & A Sessions Held Weekly


    Access to a Private Student LinkedIn Group


    A Private 30-Minute Call With the Founder of MOCA


    The support doesn’t end when the 8 weeks are over! After you’ve complete your program, you’ll have access to:


    A 30-Minute Follow Up Call to Help You Find Your First Client


    Lifetime Access to the Training and Skills Library


    Lifetime Access to an Alumni Community


    The course is purposefully broken up into 3 modules and will include a total of 8 weeks worth of lessons to help you build a VA business that serves your life. Here’s what you can expect from each module:

      MODULE 1
      Building a Solid Foundation

      (3 Weeks)

      Set Your Foundation

      Week 1
      Clarify your entrepreneurial goals, determine your boundaries and identify your strengths.

      Develop Your Language

      Week 2
      Refine your language, establish your voice, craft your bio and services with a library of customizable best practice templates.

      Build Your Platform

      Week 3
      Create an online presence, build your platform and design your website with MOCA support.

      MODULE 2

      Develop Your VA Skills 

      (3 Weeks)

      Learn The Programs

      Week 4
      Learn the programs and walk through specific VA trainings in the Trainings and Skills Library.

      Test Your Knowledge

      Week 5
      Walk through practice projects and test your skills. Set yourself up for a successful career by learning how to learn.

      Enhance Your Soft Skills

      Week 6
      Explore the undervalued soft skills of communication, organization and problem-solving.

      MODULE 3

      Start Your Business

      (2 Weeks)

      Define Your Business

      Week 7
      Niche down your services, solidify your pricing options, confirm what you will (and won’t) offer.

      Get Client Ready

      Week 8
      Design your client journey, develop an outreach strategy using our Best Practices templates and workflows, and find your first client.

      Not sure if the MOCA VA Training Program is right for you? Schedule a call with Jess. She’s nice.


      Jess Hershey is the founder of MOCA Business Services and the course instructor for the MOCA VA Training Program. MOCA began when Jess found herself between jobs. After making a list of what she was good at and what she enjoyed doing, she discovered she naturally excelled at Virtual Assistant (VA) work. She started her VA business right then and there.

      Six months later Jess had so much business from referrals that she had to bring on help. Now MOCA has over 100 clients, an expanding team, and a thriving business structure. Along the way, MOCA has specialized, niched down, and created workflows and project systems that help clients create more intentional businesses.

      Jess established the MOCA VA Training Program after seeing the need entrepreneurs have for reliable and consistent assistants. Her goal is to equip other VA experts to become the essential partner for other business owners while creating a life they love.

      I’ve worked with Jess for over a year now and she is absolutely amazing!! Not only is she a master at everything, but she is also very helpful and creative in coming up with ideas to help move my business forward. 

      Sharon Muse
      Co-Founder, Sage & Celery


      Jess Hershey is amazing to work with, I’m so grateful I found her! She’s professional, efficient, and competent in so many types of tasks and projects and we flow together really well. I’ll never go back to not having solid support in my business like this. Thanks Jess!

      Angela Marie Tompkins
      Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant


      Jess has been absolutely wonderful. She manages our incoming email flawlessly and is always suggesting new ways to make our workflow more efficient. Thank you, Jess!

      Kelly Turner
      Author, Radical Remission


      Jess was there as my first really solid VA hire. She instantly took tons of pressure off my shoulders. Jess was there to help me with everything and anything. She’s a great communicator, clear, friendly, and accessible. 

      Kachina Gosselin
      Founder, Founders Path


      Working with Jess is a great addition to my business! I appreciate her energy, refreshing ideas and on-time delivery of work. You can depend on her to deliver good customer service with excellence. I recommend her to anyone seeking the services she offers.

      Jane Bishop
      Founder, Take The Next Step


      Jess’ help has removed a level of stress that I didn’t even realize was upon me until she and I started to work together. She takes leadership and guidance around newsletters, contracts, scheduling, enrollment processes, and has superb communication skills with me, her client, and with my own clients and colleagues. She follows up in gentle, but effective ways; offers new solutions for problems that have plagued me for years, and is all the while very cheerful. I realize she has several other clients, but she makes me feel like I get her undivided attention. I can get so much more done, and done with joy, knowing she is at my side.

      Kelsey Crowe


      Jess seems able to take on anything and execute it beautifully. I appreciate her speed, professionalism, and communication. 

      Kylie Worthington


      If you feel like the MOCA VA Training Program is a good fit for you, let’s get you enrolled.

      NOT SURE?

      If you still have questions, schedule a no-pressure call with Jess and talk it over.