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The MOCA VA Training Program was created to help our students step into entrepreneurship in a practical, balanced way. Our goal is not only to help our students build a business, but to help them create the lifestyle they want. As a part of the affiliate program, you have the opportunity to help set others up for success, while adding a little cash to your own pocket!

Who should I refer?

While there are a lot of perks to entrepreneurship, it can be hard work. We want to set our students and their future clients up for success by ensuring that this program is a good fit. Our students are all on different journeys, but there are some common circumstances that we see. 

Lifestyles supported by VA work:

1. Someone who wants to leave their job and start their own business. 
2. A mom who wants to work from home and be present with her children.
3. Someone who wants remote work so that they’re able to travel and adventure. 

Students who are more likely to succeed are: 

1. Attentive
Because students will create their own systems and manage all client communication, they must be organized, detail oriented and self-aware.

2. Resourceful
Students will be expected to figure things out as they go, learn continuously and problem solve along the way.

3. Relationship-Based
The growth of the business will be determined by the student’s ability to communicate well and generate connections with their clients. 

Coming Soon!

If you'd like to become an affiliate for the MOCA VA Program, please fill out the form below to begin.

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