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MOCA writes and puts together newsletters for clients that are sent out to their audience. Newsletters may include past blog posts, promotion about upcoming events, and other features. Most of our client newsletters have an introduction at the top that is the first thing a reader will see – a personal message from the client. This is what you’re writing today.

Sample Projects

Try it out with one of the sample projects below



Please spend up to 1 hour on this project

Sites / Programs Used:



Sample Client Profile #1

Sample Client Profile #2


1. Choose one of the sample clients above and get to know them by reviewing their profile and their website. Pay attention to their voice, the ideal client that they are trying to reach, and their area of expertise.

2. Come up with a subject line for your newsletter. This will be what the reader will see when the email comes into their inbox and they’re trying to decide whether to open it or not. We want something that grabs their attention and makes them want to read more, but also matches the sample client’s voice and feels authentic.

3. Write a short, 2-4 paragraph introduction for the newsletter. This should be a somewhat personal message from the sample client to the reader that offers some valuable thought or encouragement that you think their audience would resonate with. Feel free to use the season or current events as a launching point, while steering away from anything controversial.

4. Feel free to add in a greeting at the beginning and a sign off and call to action at the end. The call to action can be around checking out the other content in the newsletter.