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This project is designed to help you notice the voice of different clients.

Each client that we work with has a different voice, brand and vision. You’re not just creating great work, you’re creating great work that looks, sounds and feels like the client.

Producing work that feels genuinely like the client it’s created for is the most important quality that we can offer. Even when it’s not specifically called out in a project’s instructions, this is a foundational practice for each project that you do for MOCA. We are always trying to “be the client” and “think like the client.” Each project you do will begin with getting to know the client, looking at past examples of their work, and mimicking the voice, format, and style for consistency.

Sample Projects

Try it out with one of the sample projects below



Please spend up to 1 hour on this project

Sites / Programs Used:



Sample Client Profile #1

Sample Client Profile #2


The entire purpose of this project is to test your ability to learn to adjust for a client’s voice. Writing in the voice of the client can be a difficult thing to master. Clients want their social media, newsletters, and blog posts to sound like them, not us.

Read a little bit about each client under the resources section and try to imagine you are them – what kinds of things would you care about? How would you write them? What message would you want your audience to receive?

For each of the sample clients, please follow these steps: 

1. Take the short paragraph below and copy it for each sample client. Put the name of the sample client above the paragraph so we know which client you’re writing for.

2. Based off of what you’ve learned about each sample client, modify the short paragraph to sound like the sample client is saying it. You are welcome to drastically modify it if you think that anything mentioned in the paragraph wouldn’t be something that the client would say. You can change words, add parts in, take parts out, etc. depending on the client. Rewrite as much as you’d like to and use their website as a sample for their language and style.

3. Try to pay attention to the types of words they use, the types of punctuation they use, and their overall tone.

4. After you finish modifying each paragraph, please leave me a summary underneath that describes the changes you made and why you made them. I do think this is going to be challenging, and you may  end up with very minor changes for each one. Explaining WHY you changed what you did and how you think it fits the sample client will give me insight into how you understood the client’s voice and attempted to adjust accordingly.

You are going to work from this short paragraph:

If you’re ready to work together, I’d love to setup a free consultation. I really think that the work we do together can make a difference in your life and I’m excited for the possibility. I’m looking forward to getting to know and learning how I can help. I know that we can knock down our boundaries and reach your goals together.