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It’s hard, we know.

Your connector is the person you’ve been in contact with. The person you know, and the person who’s job it is to know you. It can feel a little scary to suddenly be working with a different person, but we have put systems in place to make sure there’s a smooth transition and you’re well taken care of. 


We built the connector role because we are a relationship-based business. Even as we grow, it’s important to us that you feel taken care of. 

MOCA connector’s are your main point of communication and the person who makes sure that the work we are doing aligns with your voice and your vision. Our intention is to bring connectors onto our team who are in it for the long run, but none of us can predict what life will bring our way. If one of our connectors ends up moving on to something else, we are always sad to see them go but we support their journey. To plan for this, we have put systems in place to make sure that another connector can step into their role successfully. 


What’s not changing

We don’t want this to feel like a change at all, so we have built out a backend structure to make sure that you’re supported. This can be through a connector transition or maybe through your own transition – if you leave and come back again, we want you to feel like we know you (because we do). Did you know we have these things built into the backend for each client?


    Client Profile

    We build a client profile that holds all of the information about YOU. Preferences, pet-peeves, priorities, branding, voice – it’s all there. Our whole team works from this profile.


    Workflow Map

    Mapping out all of the recurring things that happen in your business and what needs to be done. Guide for understanding the big picture of your business.


    Project Details

    Every project that is done now or was ever done lives in our backend project management system. We have detailed project instructions that we can refer back to.

    We’re still here!

    It’s also important to remember that even though the person you’re talking to is changing, the rest of the team is still here. You don’t know them but they know you. Here are the people that you’re always working with, they just live behind-the-scenes:



      The ones who actually do the work


      Our connectors are hired because they’re great question askers and even better listeners. They love to help others. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on company culture. All of us are relationship based. All of us prioritize great communication and always being kind. Every connector on our team is stoked to have each client they take on. They dedicate time and energy to pouring over client resources and projects to get to know them because it’s their job, and they know when to ask for help. 



      There are already two connectors on our team who know about you. Work in connector circles so they can cover for each other 


      A 30-Minute Follow Up Call to Help You Find Your First Client


      Lifetime Access to the Training and Skills Library


      Lifetime Access to an Alumni Community


      Talk to Jess, she would love to help. She’s in the background checking in on you anyway, with regular meetings with each connector.